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About company European Auction Car Service:

European Auction Car Service, a leading company in its field, provides a full range of services including insurance, customs clearance and transport arrangements. Customers who value the quality and reliability of delivery of their vehicles choose European Auction Car Service as their preferred partner due to the high level of professionalism and reliability that the company provides.

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  1. We were pleased with the delivered car and the prompt exit to the deal, after 4 weeks I left the port of Jebel Ali on a brand new Mercedes-Benz S400,2022,3.0 diesel. Mileage 5.308km. I bought a car for 77000 euros.

  2. Very happy to have found this company! Saved a lot of money on a purchase.

  3. I contacted a representative of the company via telegram, discussed the terms of the installment plan, they suited me, and signed a contract with the company remotely. I’ll close the deal soon.

  4. I studied the conditions in the company and realized that they suit me, because for the purchase I had to transfer 30% of the advance payment, after which the company buys the car of my choice at an auction in Germany and delivers it to me in Saudi Arabia. Already before loading and sending me to the port of Jeddah, I paid the remaining amount for the car

  5. The firm was recommended by my business partner. Advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car, the rest when the car was loaded onto the ship and I was provided with documents for transporting my car from Europe!

  6. They work honestly, I myself was convinced of this. I had my BMW X7 already after 4 weeks!!! Satisfied with the price paid for the car, paid for the car by SWIFT transfer

  7. The documents were quickly drawn up, the fee was paid and the managers started their work. I paid the first installment (advance) in usdt and the remaining amount upon loading my car onto a container ship for delivery to the port of Jeddah

  8. I have already made all the necessary payments/prepayments. Delivery time was announced at 4 weeks. I hope that is exactly what happens. I’ll update my review when I get the car.

  9. Picked up your car today! Everything is fine . Thank you company for everything!

  10. I am also their client, when I am going to change the car, I will only contact these guys!

  11. I paid the first installment – a third of the cost of the car and the rest when loading the car on the ship, providing transport documents for my car and only then did I pay the remaining amount for the car

  12. Remotely signed a contract, paid an advance. As the car was bought and ready to ship, I paid the rest of the cost of the car! Already received. I’m happy with the result!

  13. Hello everyone, the car got everything super. Advance payment of 30% and the rest upon sending the car

  14. Bought an Audi S7 2021 13.900km for 45000 euros. Expected delivery for about 4 weeks. The transaction went through without difficulty.

  15. Satisfied with the condition of the car. Did not find any scratches and the interior is perfect.

  16. Thanks to European Auction Car Service for help in buying and clearing a car!

  17. I paid for my car in USDT cryptocurrency. The machine is very satisfied. Quickly brought to Dubai

  18. Arranged a car in installments. I bought my Mercedes-Benz EQ S450 at 3% per annum, as I concluded the contract, I paid 40% of the cost of the car. Explained in detail the payment schedule and how to pay.
    The car did not disappoint for half a year.

  19. The company delivered the car on time! I paid for the car in 2 stages – the first advance payment and the second final payment before loading onto the ship and sending.

  20. Talked to friends and learned an interesting option for buying a car through an auction. Thus, it is much cheaper to buy a good car. As a result, I liked this option and I contacted the company. They bought me a Land Rover Range Rover 2020 for 41,000 euros.

  21. I recommend contacting the European Auction Car Service team if you want to buy a good car and save money.

  22. I studied the conditions in the company and realized that they suit me, because for the purchase I had to transfer 30% of the advance payment, after which the company buys the car of my choice at the auction and delivers it to the port of my country. Before loading onto the ship and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for my car!

  23. The guys are definitely professionals in their field, they picked up a car in my budget and after 29 days I took it. I would like to especially note the very attentive attitude to the client, not a single question of mine remained unanswered, all payments are transparent and signed in detail. Was very pleased with the result.

  24. I contacted this company on the recommendation, the result coincided with expectations!

  25. The machine was received at the port of Jebel Ali. The car is in perfect order. Everything corresponds to the auction list. I’ll be back soon for a new purchase.

  26. 2 years, 2 cars bought. Probably will have to buy a third this year, so as not to break the tradition!

  27. I recommend contacting the company, proven people. I look forward to continued cooperation. Good luck!

  28. The car was delivered safely, the cost was the same as originally agreed.

  29. Very competent managers, they always have everything under control. We are glad to cooperate! Auto paid as I was provided with transport documents for my car before loading onto the ship.

  30. The company is reliable, and the guys there are serious. Bought Rolls-Royce Cullinan, 2020. Delivered quickly and without problems and at a good price. And they kept you informed all the time.

  31. The car received, the car is satisfied. The car was taken out of the auction in Europe and delivered to the port for loading. If the opportunity arises, I will use the company again!

  32. On the advice of a friend, I turned my attention to this company. I carefully studied the offer, chose and bought a car on their website. Brought it exactly 31 days later, as promised. I transferred an advance payment in the amount of 30%, paid the remaining amount as the car was ready to be loaded onto a ship for shipment to me in Saudi Arabia

  33. Big fellows. Mercedes-Benz EQS580 began to delight from the first minute after the transfer.

  34. I paid in USDT cryptocurrency, it turned out to be even more profitable for me, as it turned out. Company Like

  35. I definitely recommend the European Auction Car Service and their website to anyone who dreams of a quality car, but does not know where to buy it.

  36. The previous car I had was a Bentley Flying Spur (by the way, I also bought it in Europe). Proezdil 2 years, behaved chic. Sold because I wanted something new. Bought through European Auction Car Service Lamborghini Urus. Just an exclusive, premium car. Chic on the road, looks stylish and noble. Rating 10 out of 10!

  37. Everything works smoothly, any questions are answered in a simple accessible language. We were very worried, but in the end everything went great. We got what we wanted, maybe even better. The car arrived on time, all payments are transparent and understandable.

  38. 2 times I bought a car from an auction and always 100% without comment! European cars are beyond competition!!!!

  39. I remotely signed a contract, paid an advance payment, bought a car, prepared it for shipment to me, I paid the remaining amount for the car and the car was sent to me.

  40. I applied to European Auction Car Service for a new car. They have a great selection on their website at great prices. You can buy a great car, almost new, for little money. Chose Jeep Wrangler, 2022, 2.0 for 51,000 euros

  41. The car I received was exactly as described in the auction. I got what I paid for and am very happy with my purchase.

  42. I made a 30% down payment and the final payment was made after purchasing and sending the car to the port. The company worked honestly and transparently

  43. Delivery took 4 weeks, which is a very fast process. I received my car on time and without any problems. I am very glad!

  44. I ordered a car from Germany. Delivered to Pretoria, within the stipulated time of 1 month. I did not find any new defects on the car, everything coincided with the auction sheet.

  45. My experience buying a car at an auction remotely with this company has been amazing. I signed a contract, made an advance payment and the company’s employees coped with the purchase of a car and its preparation for shipment. I paid the remaining amount and my car went to me on the ship

  46. I am grateful to them for their professionalism, friendliness and sincere concern for the client.

  47. Many thanks to the company for the delivery and support of the transaction for the purchase of a car from an auction. They quickly prepared and sent my car. The process was simple and clear, I felt support and answers to all questions.

  48. My father bought a Bentley Bentayga last month, I also bought it, now I’m waiting for delivery to Doha. When I get the car I will write another review

  49. At the auction, I bought myself a Mercedes-Benz G63, the company quickly coped with the delivery, which I really like. Thank you for the support, the car came in the best possible way.

  50. I bought myself a Mercedes-Benz EQS580. Worked great, I love it. I will recommend this team to my friends and family!

  51. Issued for a year at 3% per annum, closed the installment agreement for the Mercedes G500!

  52. Yesterday, I picked up my 2023 Land Rover Range Rover with a mileage of 3,658 km at the Jebel Ali port. I bought it for 147,000 euros. Very happy with the purchase. I recommend it to everyone.

  53. I acquired a 2022 Porsche Taycan with a mileage of 1270 km from a European auction for 111,000 euros. I paid a 30% deposit to purchase the car, and the remaining amount was paid before loading and shipping the car to the port of Jeddah. I’m very satisfied with the condition of the car.

  54. I bought a car from an auction and did not regret it! Everything went smoothly, we managed to conclude a contract for the acquisition remotely. Thanks to the company, I can enjoy my newly purchased car. I recommend to anyone who is looking for a reliable partner to buy at the auction.

  55. I found a good option. I watched reviews on YouTube, contacted the company, bought the car, and received it. THANK YOU.

  56. The company delivered the car on time! I paid for the car in 2 stages – the first advance payment, and the second final payment before loading onto the ship and sending it to the owner!

  57. The company made the purchase of the car at the auction easy and convenient. My car arrived on the container ship after 4 weeks in excellent condition.

  58. Paying with USDT cryptocurrency made the process of buying a car at the auction fast and secure. My car arrived in perfect condition after 4 weeks on the container ship.

  59. Acquiring a car at an auction in Europe through this company was an amazing experience. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer proved to be convenient and efficient methods. My car was delivered on time and in perfect condition. I recommend this company to everyone!

  60. Buying a car at a European auction with this company was an excellent choice. Remote contract signing and payment through SWIFT transfer made the process simple and reliable. My car was delivered on time and in great condition. I’m satisfied with the outcome!

  61. I can say with confidence that I am very satisfied with the services of the company. Everything was done in a little more than 4 weeks. I am especially pleased that I didn’t have to bother with documents and registration on my own.

  62. With the receipt of the car I have great joy. Your reliability is amazing, well done! I want to thank the whole team again.

  63. Even at the selection stage, they helped me a lot to decide and, in general, are always in touch, answered all questions, explained everything clearly, sent photos, a translation with all the comments.

  64. We signed a remote contract for the purchase and delivery of the car, and I made a 40% advance payment according to the contract. The purchase was made on an installment basis, and the managers started fulfilling their obligations. I paid the down payment in USDT. My car arrived in Doha after 27 days from its purchase at the auction.

  65. I am very grateful to the company for helping me remove the car from the auction. I avoided unnecessary problems.

  66. It’s nice to know that I independently controlled the process of paying for the car using SWIFT transfer to the auction account.

  67. After paying the advance and completing all formalities, the car was sent to me. I recommend them to everyone, their professionalism deserves respect!

  68. The cost of cars in EUROPE is much lower than ours, and the company’s employees helped to find the perfect option that did not require additional maintenance.

  69. Very quickly, the container arrived at the port of Jeddah – in 4 weeks. The car is in the stated condition. Thank you.

  70. Recently purchased a car through this company. Will recommend to my acquaintances!

  71. Everything was processed quickly. Happy with the car and the delivery, they handled it faster than the agreement! I rate it 5*.

  72. I am very pleased with the purchase of a car at a European auction through this company.

  73. Through this company I made a purchase of a car at a European auction and I am very pleased.

  74. The car was delivered yesterday. Complaints to the technical condition, absolutely none. I am satisfied with the purchase.

  75. I was looking for the lot myself, quickly signed a contract, made an advance payment, the next day my car was bought at auction. Satisfied with the car! I advise everyone!

  76. I chose this company to purchase a car at auction and was pleased with every step of the process. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer were convenient and transparent. Delivery times on both the container ship and car transporter were strictly followed. My car is simply fantastic!

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