European Auction Car Service Reviews (Euauservice reviews)

European Auction Car Service http://xn--mgbaaaapd2bnnf3slacm2d.xn--ngbc5azd/en
European Auction Car Service http://xn--mgbaaaapd2bnnf3slacm2d.xn--ngbc5azd/en


Website: http://سياراتمنالمزادات.شبكة/en

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Telephone: +359 88 538 0057 +359 88 504 8519

Address: The companies are located in Bulgaria, Poland,Belgium,Slovakia,Czech Republic,Lithuania,Latvia and other countries on request.

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European Auction Car Service– reviews and conditions for the sale of cars
Owning a real European car, albeit not from a showroom, but in excellent condition and at an attractive price, taking into account customs clearance, is a literal dream of millions of people.

Why should you contact the company?

We purchase cars in the name of the client from auctions in three categories:

Probefahrt – are test-drive cars from official dealers in Europe with a range of up to 8,000 kilometers.

Leased – used cars that are put up for auction minus payments from the lessee with a mileage limit of up to 80,000 km.

Werbung – are cars pasted over with advertising banners of an official dealer, which cost 1-2 years on advertising sites. Runs do not exceed 1-5 thousand km.

Cars in these three categories are sold 25% cheaper than the European market, in addition, the VAT refund is 19%, which gives us a total difference of 44% depending on the country of purchase of the car. Delivery to 28 countries. The possibility of online registration. Installment plan for 2 years.

35 responses to “European Auction Car Service Reviews (Euauservice reviews)”

  1. We were pleased with the delivered car and the prompt exit to the deal, after 2 weeks I left the port of Jebel Ali on a brand new Mercedes-Benz S400,2022,3.0 diesel. Mileage 5.308km. I bought a car for 77000 euros.

  2. Very happy to have found this company! Saved a lot of money on a purchase.

  3. I contacted a representative of the company via telegram, discussed the terms of the installment plan, they suited me, and signed a contract with the company remotely. I’ll close the deal soon.

  4. I studied the conditions in the company and realized that they suit me, because for the purchase I had to transfer 30% of the advance payment, after which the company buys the car of my choice at an auction in Germany and delivers it to me in Saudi Arabia. Already before loading and sending me to the port of Jeddah, I paid the remaining amount for the car

  5. The firm was recommended by my business partner. Advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car, the rest when the car was loaded onto the ship and I was provided with documents for transporting my car from Europe!

  6. They work honestly, I myself was convinced of this. I had my BMW X7 already after 2 weeks!!! Satisfied with the price paid for the car, paid for the car by SWIFT transfer

  7. The documents were quickly drawn up, the fee was paid and the managers started their work. I paid the first installment (advance) in usdt and the remaining amount upon loading my car onto a container ship for delivery to the port of Jeddah

  8. I have already made all the necessary payments/prepayments. Delivery time was announced at 2 weeks. I hope that is exactly what happens. I’ll update my review when I get the car.

  9. Picked up your car today! Everything is fine . Thank you company for everything!

  10. I am also their client, when I am going to change the car, I will only contact these guys!

  11. I paid the first installment – a third of the cost of the car and the rest when loading the car on the ship, providing transport documents for my car and only then did I pay the remaining amount for the car

  12. Remotely signed a contract, paid an advance. As the car was bought and ready to ship, I paid the rest of the cost of the car! Already received. I’m happy with the result!

  13. Hello everyone, the car got everything super. Advance payment of 30% and the rest upon sending the car

  14. Bought an Audi S7 2021 13.900km for 45000 euros. Expected delivery for about two weeks. The transaction went through without difficulty.

  15. Satisfied with the condition of the car. Did not find any scratches and the interior is perfect.

  16. Thanks to European Auction Car Service for help in buying and clearing a car!

  17. I paid for my car in USDT cryptocurrency. The machine is very satisfied. Quickly brought to Dubai

  18. Arranged a car in installments. I bought my Mercedes-Benz EQ S450 at 3% per annum, as I concluded the contract, I paid 40% of the cost of the car. Explained in detail the payment schedule and how to pay.
    The car did not disappoint for half a year.

  19. The company delivered the car on time! I paid for the car in 2 stages – the first advance payment and the second final payment before loading onto the ship and sending.

  20. Talked to friends and learned an interesting option for buying a car through an auction. Thus, it is much cheaper to buy a good car. As a result, I liked this option and I contacted the company. They bought me a Land Rover Range Rover 2020 for 41,000 euros.

  21. I recommend contacting the European Auction Car Service team if you want to buy a good car and save money.

  22. I studied the conditions in the company and realized that they suit me, because for the purchase I had to transfer 30% of the advance payment, after which the company buys the car of my choice at the auction and delivers it to the port of my country. Before loading onto the ship and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for my car!

  23. I ordered a car from Germany. Delivered to Moscow, within the stipulated time of 1 month. I did not find any new defects on the car, everything coincided with the auction sheet.

  24. The guys are definitely professionals in their field, they picked up a car in my budget and after 14 days I took it. I would like to especially note the very attentive attitude to the client, not a single question of mine remained unanswered, all payments are transparent and signed in detail. Was very pleased with the result.

  25. I contacted this company on the recommendation, the result coincided with expectations!

  26. The machine was received at the port of Jebel Ali. The car is in perfect order. Everything corresponds to the auction list. I’ll be back soon for a new purchase.

  27. 2 years, 2 cars bought. Probably will have to buy a third this year, so as not to break the tradition!

  28. Very quickly, the container arrived at the port of Jeddah – in two weeks. The car is in the stated condition. Thank you.

  29. I recommend contacting the company, proven people. I look forward to continued cooperation. Good luck!

  30. This is not the first time I cooperate with Euauservice. One of the few companies that work in good faith. They know their work

  31. The car was delivered safely, the cost was the same as originally agreed.

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