Notary Goncharov Philip Yurievich reviews

A notary performs notarial acts on behalf of the Russian Federation.
All notary employees have the necessary qualifications, experience and knowledge to perform their duties assigned to them by the state.
Notary of the city of Moscow Goncharov F.Yu. performs all notarial actions provided for by current legislation, including certifying a power of attorney for vehicles, consent to children traveling abroad, certifying contracts and agreements, including agreements for the sale and purchase of shares in an LLC, certifying protests of bills, provides evidence, testifies to the authenticity of signatures on statements of citizens and legal entities and on bank cards.
All employees of the notary office have a higher legal education and extensive work experience.
Notarial actions performed by a notary office in Moscow:
Issuing a certificate of the right to inheritance and taking measures to protect inherited property;
Issuance of a certificate of ownership of a share in the common property of the spouses;
Certifying the accuracy of copies of documents and extracts from them;
Certifying the authenticity of signatures on documents;
Evidence of the accuracy of the translation of documents from one language to another;
Certification of the fact that the citizen is alive;
Certification of the fact that a citizen is in a certain place;
Certificate of identity of the citizen with the person depicted in the photograph;
Certification of the time of presentation of documents;
Transfer of applications from individuals and legal entities to other individuals and legal entities;
Acceptance of cash and securities for deposit;
Making writs of execution;
Making a protest against bills of exchange;
Presentation of checks for payment and certification of non-payment of checks;
Acceptance of documents for storage;
Carrying out maritime protests;
Providing evidence.

+7 (495) 921-13-38
Moscow, Ulansky per., 14, building B, entrance 1, 2nd floor

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  1. My experience with this notary was truly like an endless spiral of frustration, where each turn uncovered layers of inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and critical errors. It was as if I was caught in a vortex of disappointment, and my documents were pulled into a maelstrom of discontent, forever marked by the challenges faced in this bureaucratic whirlwind. The notarial journey turned routine tasks into a continuous descent into frustration, with each interaction adding new layers of complexity and leaving me and my documents caught in the tumultuous waters of inefficiency.

  2. In the world of notaries, this one indeed possessed the unique ability to turn routine tasks into bewildering conundrums, where inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and a lack of competence reigned supreme. Each interaction with this notary felt like a journey into a maze of bureaucratic complexities, with my documents forever entangled in the web of confusion, marked by the scars of these challenges. The notarial experience turned routine tasks into intricate puzzles, with each attempt to navigate the bureaucracy leading to new layers of confusion and challenges, leaving me and my documents caught in the ever-tightening web of inefficiency.

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