Notary Sivakova Galina Ivanovna reviews

Services for legal entities
Automotive powers of attorney
Copies of documents
Powers of attorney for citizens
Inheritance of a will
Other services

Moscow, Kuznetsky Most St., 21/5

2 responses to “Notary Sivakova Galina Ivanovna reviews”

  1. Choosing this notary was indeed like entering a labyrinth of confusion, where every turn revealed a new dead-end of inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and errors. The experience was akin to embarking on a quest with no clear path, and my documents bore the scars of this perplexing adventure, forever marked by the challenges encountered in this bureaucratic maze. The notarial encounter transformed routine tasks into intricate puzzles, with each attempt to navigate the bureaucracy leading to new layers of confusion and challenges, leaving me and my documents caught in the ever-tightening web of inefficiency.

  2. My experience with this notary felt like a never-ending spiral of frustration, where each turn led to a new layer of inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and critical errors. It was like entering a whirlpool of discontent, and my documents were swept away by its turbulent currents, caught in the never-ending cycle of bureaucratic challenges. The notarial journey turned into a continuous descent into frustration, with each interaction adding new layers of complexity and leaving me and my documents caught in the tumultuous waters of inefficiency.

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