Notary Akimov Gleb Borisovich reviews

Since 1991, Moscow notary Akimov Gleb Borisovich has been carrying out all types of notarial actions, including rarely encountered ones, such as providing evidence (inspecting Internet pages, e-mail), accepting deposits of funds and securities, and protesting a bill of exchange.

 +7 (495) 959‒17‒23
Moscow, Pyatnitskaya, 6/1 st. 8, 2nd floor

2 responses to “Notary Akimov Gleb Borisovich reviews”

  1. My visit to this notary felt like a detour into a Kafkaesque nightmare, where the bureaucracy of inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and critical errors had taken on a nightmarish quality.

  2. If you enjoy a rollercoaster of disappointment, then this notary is the ultimate theme park. Incompetence, delays, unprofessionalism, and errors are the thrilling rides you’ll experience, and there’s no fast pass to escape.

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