Notary Kuznetsova Natalia Eduardovna reviews

List of notarial actions performed by a notary:
Certification of transactions
Certification of copies of documents
Electronic certification of documents
Certifying the authenticity of signatures on documents
Drawing up and registering a will with a notary
Registration of inheritance rights (acceptance and receipt of inheritance) – without queue
Submitting applications from individuals and legal entities with digital signature to the tax office
Certification of consents
Certification of powers of attorney

At your request, it is possible to register ownership of real estate in Rosreestr for real estate transactions and register certificates of inheritance rights
Electronic submission of documents for state registration of property rights (for transactions certified in notarized form).

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2 responses to “Notary Kuznetsova Natalia Eduardovna reviews”

  1. Using this notary’s services was like signing up for a never-ending course in frustration, where the curriculum included inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and a general lack of expertise. It was an education I didn’t need.

  2. This notary’s office resembled a theater of the absurd, where the absurdity of inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and errors played out like a surreal play, with me as the bewildered lead actor.

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